Flexible Couplings

Flexible Coupling

Product Details:
  • Bore Range : 1 mm to 90 mm
  • No of Shafts : 2
  • Material : S.S
  • Transmit Power: 0.1 Nm to 5,000 Nm

We, Tradelink Services, offer Metal Bellow Couplings which are primarily used to transmit power between 2 shafts, without backlash. In addition, they also offer high flexibility, the capability to work at high speeds and compensation for radial, axial and angular misalignments. Couplings with different torsional stiffness are also offered, as a standard.


  • Backlash free coupling
  • Different torsional stiffness

Torque Couplings

Product Details:
  • Type : Coupling
  • Material : SS
  • Color : Black
  • Brand: Compomac

Tradelink Services joins Compomac in offering a large range of Torque Limiters for various industrial purposes – to protect, safeguard equipment, & expensive transmission members. This exhaustive range offers thoroughly tested benefits.


  1. Minimal backlash, close to zero.
  2. The lower moment of inertial, reduced dimensions & weight.
  3. Reduced wear & tear leading to increased life.

Zero Backlash Couplings

Product Details:
  • Material: Steel
  • Torque Range: 0.4 Nm to 5,000 Nm
  • Bore Diameter: 3 mm to 85 mm
  • Color: Grey

We are offering Zero Backlash Couplings to our clients. Steel Metal Bellow Couplings offer backlash free transmission with added advantages of high flexibility and torsional stiffness. These couplings consist of a stainless steel metal bellow joined together to Al or Steel hubs provide a complete backlash free transmission between 2 shafts, with various other advantages. Apart from this large standard range, StS specialises in developing new models to the needs of clients.

Elastic Coupling

Approx Price: Rs 3,000 / Piece 

We are leading, importer and supplier of Elastic Coupling in India.

Ru-Steel Coupling

Product Details:
  • Power : 40 to 1520550 Nm
  • Material : SS
  • Brand: Ru-Steel

Since the first coupling produced nearly 40 years ago, RU-STEEL’s philosophy has been to design and manufacture a complete range of transmission couplings. This philosophy has become a steady motive in offering the best and in improving the products, guaranteeing the highest functionality at the best prices.

RU-STEEL also offers ATEX certification - Necessary for refineries & chemical plants. These couplings are currently being used in major Indian refineries.

Ru-Steel GD Type:- 

Steel execution C 45 UNI EN ISO 10083/1/93 with self-lubricating Blocks in Polyamides or in Bronze. Suitable to support slips under torque.


Applications: Paper Industry Machinery, Textile, Chemical Industry.

Flexible Coupling

Product Details:
  • Dia: Upto 200mm shaft dia
  • Bore range: 210mm
  • Torque : 2 Nm to 3,670 Nm
  • Brand: Samiflex

We are leading, supplier and dealer of Flexible Coupling in India. Increased performances can be achieved by using one of the 7 types of Elastic elements to provide for standard, high temperature, and high-performance applications.

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