Trasmil Cardan Shaft

Trasmil Cardan Shaft

Product Details:
  • Brand: Trasmil
  • Torque : 290 Nm to 400,000 Nm
  • Material: Forging and Iron
  • Temperature Capacity: Upto 35 Degree

We are offering Trasmil Cardan Shaft to our clients.

Industrial Cardan Shaft is totally &radically different from Automotive Cardan shafts which are designed for entirely dissimilar purposes. Cardan shafts are also all metal flexible joints.TRASMIL Srl of Milan has a rich experience of 30 years, in the field of manufacture/marketing of Cardan shafts, supplying to leading European Companies in the field of steel manufacturing and various types of Machinery/equipment.

Drive Shaft Coupling

Product Details:
  • Transmit power: 290 Nm to 400,000 Nm
  • Material : S.S
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 70 Degree C
  • Transmission Torque: 6.3 ~ 16000 Nm

We are leading supplier and importer of Drive Shaft Coupling India.

Trasmil specialises in Industrial Cardan Shafts –catering to applications where high torque transmission is required. Both DIN/SAE flanges are available in single, double, extendable, fixed varieties companion flanges to match, Quick release yokes, overload clutch, transverse keyways, etc.

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